I Got Attached To Mulder (David) & Scully (Gillian)

I started watching TV series “X-File” because a sibling of mine suggested it—maybe, that is why I like this series more. Over time, I have noticed myself getting attached to only certain actors. I feel that I have somehow learned to see beyond the characters they are playing to connect with them; although I am still very much attached to the fictional characters as well. I go in a very relaxed and clear state of mine when I watch X-Files. My favourite actors who played the coolest characters ever are David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

On Sep 7 2018, I dreamt of meeting Agent Mulder and Agent Scully. Read “I Have Met Agent Mulder and Agent Scully“. I don’t become lucid unless I am really interested in someone or something that’s associated with the person I am dreaming about. On Sep 5,  BBC America tweeted that they are celebrating 25th Anniversary of “The X Files”, which will take place on Sep 10. When I had this dream, I researched related news on Twitter. I was shocked to read BBC America’s tweet because I did not knew about this occasion before—I am the kind of person who spends 96% of the time she spends watching movies on entertainment and only 4% of her time learning about the performers/actors or how this entertainment is created. Thus, on Sep 7—the day I had this dream—I tweeted to and to tell them that I had this dream. See my reply below the original tweet.

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