How ENFPs Brainstorm and Think Ahead to Organize Things For Their Future

ENFPs like me can become “idea bombs” when they are trained properly. They are the core pillar of every institution and society that require thoughtful and caring leaders who firmly believe in team play—ENFPs interact only with genuine folks because they love discarding the bad apples.

I will now show you how I think and organize things when I am writing—I think several years ahead every time I plan. I have been slowly writing a novel “She: The Mirror“. At some point, I started thinking of adding it in my first book, “Intertwined“; today, after reviewing some of my original thoughts, I realized that I can’t squish this all into my first book. Did you see how scattered my thoughts can become?

The following are some books that I plan to review; these are part of the second layer of writing, “Integrating research”.

  • 8 books on child and women abuse
  • 1 book on women psychology
  • 1 book on femininity
  • 1 book on psychology of male abusers
  • 4 books on criminology, police, and gangs
  • 6 books about how to write creatively
  • 1 political book
  • Several online blogs and articles
  • 1 Australian course on writing mystery thrillers
  • Online articles about certain narcissistic political leaders
  • Websites that discuss personalities
  • My blog category “Women Abuse”
  • 8 movies
  • 1 book on Holocaust (Nazi era)
  • 10 poetry books
  • 4 Miscellaneous selections

Overall page count of all the above-mentioned books is 7975; and, if you were to exclude 1000 pages or so given that I might be using as reference material, the page count is around 6900 pages. In this page count, I have not included the blogs, websites, and online Australian writing course. On top of all this, I have audio recordings of my life experiences; there are around 400 recordings to review. Did you see again how scattered this list really is? “Being scattered” is a creative super-power ENFPs possess—this is why ENFPs don’t hang out with the wrong kind of people because these bastards can manipulate this super-power into something “insane”.

As an ENFP, I have a layered personality; this shows very clearly during my lucid dreams. In addition, I am using a layered approach while I write “She: The Mirror”. This writing adventure started with my personal experiences, which are based on very cruel and unrealistic things—some trauma is also offered by the Canadian companies, professionals, and academic organizations. More I read my story, more I realized that I can fit almost anything else in this story to dramatically alter the reality. Impeccable! This is what I find stunning about ENFPs—their minds and life experiences are so creative owing to their genius nature.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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