Telepathy Controls Body’s and Mind’s Needs

Telepathy can change your body’s and mind’s needs temporarily to satisfy a future occurrence. For example, day before yesterday, I had a sudden urge to manage my hair really late in the night. So I worked on them for like an hour or so. The next day, I received a call for an interview. I felt so thrilled to realize that this sudden urge was actually a telepathic response to what my inner self perceived as a good opportunity. Can you see how brilliantly you can function if you were to allow even a little bit of control? When I was working on my hair, I thought I was just doing a routine task to make myself happier. Only later, I realized that this meant something bigger. Can you see now that telepathic triggers won’t always disrupt your need to live the usual way.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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