The Date That Almost Blew My Cover!

I had a lucid dream date today. I was in an odd place that looked like a roof. There was paint-like material everywhere; and, you could mistake it for an ocean. Two individuals were putting a rectangular door-like object up. They had erected it in the middle of the roof. The paint or ocean was fascinating because it fell around forming spikes and rays. I felt a bit bored after watching this display so I decided to fly out of a rather large window. I placed my face next to it and willed it to open. It opened easily; and, I slowly looked down. I could clearly see the roads, buildings, and people. I was not afraid of heights but the wind felt so cold. The wind hit against my body rather harshly; therefore, I told myself that I could not fly today. “Perhaps, I can make some sort of safety bubble around myself”, I thought. After hearing this inquiry, I implored myself, “Safety bubble! How will I make it?” Impulsively, I told myself to jump. Despite my fear of getting way too chilled, this actually worked! I could see my shadow figure flying by checking out the shadow it was forming on the road. At one point, I became too frightened of the icy wind and started staring at the road.

Soon, this dream segment got disturbed; and, now I was back inside some building. The building had spacious rooms; and, it was built like any beautiful hotel or historic place. It felt as serene as colours beige and blue! I started feeling better as I opened the door and walked outside. I was now inside a very busy business hub of some sort. The moving cars and pedestrians crowded this region; and, one would almost forget to check out the skyscrapers that stubbornly serenaded the sky. I walked towards the traffic lights but felt distracted by a handsome man who had just walked out of an office. I ran towards him and held his arm. He blurted as he quickly read the intentions behind this move, “Oh! So you want to pursue me,” he stated in a frank manner. My inner self actually nagged me after I eventually woke up from this dream, “Safety Bubble was the cue!”

The dream continued although I felt very surprised at his delightful but untimely comment. So I said less to him and dragged him towards the building and away from the rest of the people. I felt that he had blown my cover because I did not want to date without a party and analysis; and, from the very beginning, he had said things way too truly. Thus, my inner self restlessly shifted to a phantom thought that I had felt within. Faces of several historical figures appeared and dissappered in front of me—he loves history. I imagined that this lovely man who was now next to me was watching all of this too; but, I was not so sure. Then an event exploded nearby and we checked it out as well! The face of a famous historical figure, Jesus, remained on a very large screen while the audience clapped and roared. I felt transfixed on their shadows: some of which were thin; some were denser; and, the rest were just dancing. I watched the crowd acting up as I felt scared that this particular figure was eventually going to disappear too. Surprisingly, this one stayed until I opened my eyes. The colour that was used to paint this picture of Jesus kept changing as the crowd went crazy. As I woke up, the colour changed to a shade of yellow that was similar to my room’s colour.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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