Why I Doodle?

My answer derived from my experiences is that I doodle to get less distracted, less stressed, and to laugh. According to Theresa Fisher’s article, “Studies Show That People Who Doodle Have An Advantage Over the Rest“, doodling allows one to retain information, improve focus, prevent boredom, and manage stressful moments.

When I look at my doodles, I just feel a sense of accomplishment. I have often wondered why I feel this way—its like one of those magical moments one get when one is looking at one’s heroes or crushes. According to Matt Ellis’s article, “The meaning of doodles: when a squiggle isn’t just a squiggle”, some of history’s most influential people used to doodle—lucid dreamer Carl Jung’s book “The Red Book” has doodle art. So my dream of changing people through my writing, poetry, and lucid dreams isn’t just a dream. It is an actual historic reality!

I learned doodling on my own—I was doing this even before I learned the word “doodle” and benefits of doodling. I followed a rather creative process, which included doodling with the help of my imagination; learning how to draw so that I was able to play with various shapes and faces; using someone’s face to create a doodle of a different face; and, doodling on hands with Mehandi (henna). If you want to learn this art, visit Skillshare. Don’t forget to learn the meaning behind your doodles. Its more fun reading into yourself this way!

Check out some of my cute and queer doodles!


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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