Did I Catch A Threat To My Life Through A Lucid Dream?

I had a funny dream on Jan 10, 2019. A small portion of it, which involved taking a ride from someone I have recently met, did come true in Mar 2019. There is a segment in this dream where someone actually attacks me; but, I still cannot figure out who was the guy who tried to save me. It was a very odd dream; and, I am wondering if this particular portion will also come true.

I sat in a car with someone else—I met this person in Mar 2019. But, the scene changed really quickly; and, now I was sitting in a car with another man while holding my bag. This man was very tall and well-built; he seemed almost royal in the way he conveyed himself so I started calling him “Marquis” after I woke up. I was anxiously holding my bag while he was driving; I felt comfortable around him although I didn’t knew much about him. Soon, a very angry man came into this scene; he was holding a staff. He tried to ram the staff into the open window so that he may kill me. The Marquis saw this move so he tried to quickly close the window. All of a sudden, the Marquis changed his form. I felt I was hallucinating when a dark wing-like object came from the Marquis or Marquis’s arm and blocked my window; or did he just put some sort of shield up. I cannot tell what exactly happened but there was a strong otherworldly sense to all of this. Unfortunately, the attacker was quick and tricky. He jumped on top of the car—perhaps he was trying to get to the other side to attack. I had a strong sense that he was going to harm the Marquis next. Marquis noticed the man as he sat on the top of the car. Immediately, Marquis closed the sunroof so that the guy’s body got stuck in there. After this ordeal was over, Marquis took me for a medical examination.

I am praying pretty hard that none of this comes true! My prayers do get accepted so I am hoping that nothing bad happens. And, I still have not met this guy Marquis. I don’t know who he is. I would love to meet this person in this world one day given that it is not just a supernatural or angelic entity.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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