Does Saliva Of Lucid Dreamers Heal?

Lucid dreaming causes changes in the body and mind; only some of my friends and my doctors have observed the miracles this ability has performed for me.

Some years ago, I lost lots of hair due to some personal concerns. But, due to my lucid dreaming abilities, my hair grew back rather quickly. Now I have very bouncy and shiny hair—they really stand out. Read “Lucid Dreams Grow Hair“. Besides this, my skin looks and feels very young; most people easily place me 10 to 20 years younger than my actual age.

Today, I was thinking about Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him); and, I remembered that there was a saying about how he once used his saliva to heal himself. Read’s second post by Mikha’eel to learn about this incidence. Does this mean that the saliva of lucid dreamers can be used to heal certain illnesses/conditions? Is it more powerful than the salvia of those who cannot enjoy lucid dreams? I strongly believe that more researchers should be paying attention to this fact.

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