How A Pakistani Boy Verbally Harrassed Me When I Was In Grade 3 or 4

This is a real story; and, it is a horrific one. Porn is everywhere in Pakistan; and, it is shoved on children as well. Nobody wants to tell you this truth—reality is that porn is a usual thing to watch even in some Canadian offices. This story shows you how children can be brainwashed to say abnormal things.

One day, I was playing games with my friends inside my high school when an impure comment issued by a boy spread in some classes and finally got to my friends’ and siblings’ ears. Apparently, a rather young boy from grade 4 or 5—I think he was one grade ahead of me—was planning to kidnap and rape me. His comments were very dirty, thorough, and abusive in nature; and, he was constantly obsessing over my looks and clothes. He had everything planned and he was openly discussing things like how he is going to kidnap me and what exactly he is planning to do with me after this. My siblings and my friends got so worried after they heard all this. But, we were all kids with really less influence. His weird comments continued for some days; and, every now and then, I used to hear news from my friends or siblings that now he is saying this and that. One of my siblings who had also heard him say some criminal stuff  asked me to be very careful of this boy. Anyways, I was left unharmed as some students and my siblings chose to shun this guy. That was the first rape threat I received!

I had other abusive encounters as I grew older; when I matured as an adult, I decided to share some of these things online. I have been checking out something very sleezy, something as bad as porn that is visible among the Muslims including some well-known folks of Ottawa, Canada. Some of the Muslims do not help needy women out; they are always preaching things like “Your family is your first home. Not leaving them is better” instead of sharing their connections so that the abused woman may use their help to get through; and, they are always pointing to community centres when the reality is that the Canadian community centres are returning abused women. Some of these famous, well-connected, and practicing Muslims I have come across are really that good at managing women abuse. Given that I have been abused since I was a child—there were also many moments when I was properly loved and protected—talking to such Muslims have been the scariest experience in my life.  A lot of time while randomly connecting with people including Muslims, I do not tell them who I am on purpose; this helps me see their real reactions, which is what any other woman/girl must be experiencing as well. Such Muslims are the reason why women and girls go through abuse even in very modern and wealthy countries like Canada. During the day, they parade as loving people; but, they are covert in nature so they select their victims and harass them when no one is watching. These kind of people are the reason why I feel that the ordeals Muslims are currently being put through are given to them by God on purpose. You can read comments by one of the Muslim guys I have nailed to be harassing in nature. Learn how they talk and what is wrong with what is being said; and, you will be able to nail the rest.

I am in the process of slowly writing down their names and comments because I feel that this community need a strong attitude of this sort. So far, I have come across three abusive and influential Muslims. I am sure that I will find more as I connect with more people—I am still relatively new to Ottawa.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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