Covert Form of Islamophobia is Very Much Canadian in Nature

Some years ago, a colleague of mine argued with me about the Quran and Islam; he hung up after one call. I met him at work; and, I found him to be very friendly and approachable. When we informally talked over phone for the very first time, things changed. His first comment was about why the Muslim women cannot have multiple husbands but Muslim men could—he then said that the Western women are more free because they have multiple partners. I first told him that I would not want multiple partners and never at the same time if there is a need for me to have more than one husband. I told him that the female body is not designed to handle multiple male partners at the same time simply because doing so would be very tiring. Furthermore, I explained to him that the ruling about four wives is actually pretty old; and, such rulings are subject to the rules of the country as well as current demands of the people. Having multiple wives was something very common in old times; however, Islam reduced the total number of allowed wives to only four. This allowance came with another ruling, which specified was that a man may have four wives only if he can deal with them in a just manner. Yet another critical law was that the wife can dictate in her prenuptial agreement whether she is going to allow her husband to have a polygamous relationship or not. The daughter of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), Lady Ayesha (praise be upon her), specifically mentioned in her prenuptial agreement that her husband may not wed another woman while he is married to her. All of this is from ancient Arabia. Again, marriage is something that is defined by the country and its rules as well as the people. It is a ruling that relates to the society and how the society functions. Read Samia Rahman’s article “Polygamy Is Not A Muslim Problem” to learn that most British Muslims prefer Monogamy. I am originally from Pakistan; and, I can easily state that 99% of the Pakistani families I met and knew were monogamous in nature.

Now I must comment that he still hung up after I hastily reviewed the some significant parts of the context behind ruling about four wives. Before he hung up he said that he has read the Quran in detail; and, it is clearly inconsistent in nature. I strongly feel that he used the web or mainstream media to learn the Quran; and, this is how he drew his own conclusions about Islam. I can say this because he is a non-Muslim and because some pushy things that he said to me did not make any sense to me. Can you see how hidden all of this is? Many individuals and organizations are running Islamophobic campaigns while there are several corrupt religious and political leaders; Internet is the most accessible and inexpensive learning tool Westerners possess; people do not want to visit reliable religious figures while the Canadian mainstream media offers them fake ones like Ezra; thus, even the friendliest people can become Islamophobic. Can you see now why Hadeel Abdel-Nabi stated in her article “Islamophobia: The Very Real Monster In Canada’s Closet” that Islamophobia is a very hidden issue in Canada.

Its freaky to see that Islamophobia is a hidden issue in Canada. Read article “The moral cowardice of Canadian media is leaving racism unchallenged“. Its very scary to observe this up close because the attackers or instigators act very friendly until they get in your comfort zone; then, they attack with whatever they have got. There are times when colleagues who act very loving towards you end up saying a lot of negative things about you at your back. Emotional blackmail is one of the most common things you will find in Canada; and, what’s cunning about it is that there are more bystanders due to the fact that somebody is injuring somebody’s feelings or emotions. Some Canadians are not wired into thinking that this attitude could lead to psychological and physical abuse if left unattended. Canada is a country where Human Rights complaints are continuously being shoved under the rug.

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