My Prayers Are With Omar Khadr And The Rest of the Oppressed People

Many years ago, when I was studying at University of Toronto, I found a postcard that had Omar Khadr’s picture on it. I picked up this postcard; and, stared at the picture of a very lovely child. Because I am telepathic in nature, I got inside the picture somehow. I felt that this child was somehow gifted and that is why it was easy for me to connect with him. I heard him sobbing and crying for help; I also heard certain sorts of sounds that did not feel human in nature. After all this was over, I somehow realized that this boy was innocent. I must comment that I still don’t fully realize where I go when I receive visions of this sort. I can perform this task while awake or asleepsee my intuitive reading for “Sun Lutang” and an abused woman.

I have provided some details about this particular experience I had with Omar Khadr in the blog post “Silver Bullet: My Prayers are in Multiple Dimensions“. See point 3 of the ordered list.

I prayed for a specific Prisoner of War (POW) because he was just a child who just happened to be in the wrong place. He was released later by the same authorities that brought him to trial.

My vision was actualized in two parts. First the Canadian government suffered humiliation due to this kid’s arrest; and, they had to pay him $10.5 million. Secondly, Omar Khadr’s sentence is now officially over. Read this good news in the article, “Omar Khadr’s war crimes sentence is finished, Alberta judge rules“.

Omar Khadr’s case is like the following two database-kind cases I have broken through:

  1. Start of Forgotten Femmes in 2013: This shows that I beat the conclusions offered by Canadian Feds in 2017 while using really less resources. Read “Pattern Recognition Through High Levels of Stereodepth Vision
  2. Dream about death of a famous US journalist and professor that took place in Oct 2018: This shows that I beat the results offered by Reporters Without Borders in Dec 2018. Read “Another Lucid Dream Came True: US Is Dangerous For Journalists

I believe that my spiritual, telepathic, and lucid dreaming abilities are connected to my higher levels of stereodepth vision. My sincere and loving prayers are with Omar Khadr and the rest of the oppressed people.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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