What Makes Me Extra Interesting To People?

I used to think that my ENFP personality type and overactive mirror neurons were the reason why people found me captivating. Today, I read Travis Bradberry’s article, “Seven Habits Of Extra Interesting People”. Thus, I found out that that there are some other things that make me really stand out from the crowd.

    1. Try new things: I am always on the hunt for new friends; new places to eat; new courses to study; new kind of workouts; and, new lucid dreams.
    2. Don’t hide quirks: I am eccentric; I sometimes act in front of the mirror to create and develop characters; I daydream during the day and just before falling asleep; I am kind of awake while sleeping; I draw, dance, and sing although I am not excellent at these; I collect books; I am independent to a fault; and, I am content spending most of my time inside one room.
    3. Avoid bandwagon: I don’t follow someone because someone else is following them; I only offer love and support if I genuinely feel this way. I create my own path in this life. Actually expecting me to do something that everyone else is doing is finally going to force me to slap you awake somehow.
    4. Leave ego at the door: I don’t gossip about people’s flaws unless I feel very very much attacked and offended by some hate mail kind of activity; gossiping means sharing reality with confidants or writing books/blog to convey lessons; I don’t talk to win arguments; I rarely get jealous; and, I hate comparison games because I feel everyone is different.
    5. Always learning: I have always been studying; I learn even during sleep.
    6. Share whatever is discovered: You have my blog in front of you where I have shared a whole lots of significant stuff; I share precious things with others, such as gifting that very novel book I found after a lot of struggle to someone else; I even share insignificant yet intriguing things like that really odd stone I found while walking towards the bus station; and, I share some of my best and worst secrets with my closest friends.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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