I was introduced to Achaar when I grew old enough to eat spicy foods. As a kid, I used to steal and eat mangoes that my grandma had painstakingly cut and dried for the achaar. Achaar refers to a miscellaneous collection of spices, vegetables, and fruits; it is made in oil and spiced with several spices including chilies and fennel. It is also possible to have only one ingredient as achaar. For example, the Mango Achaar is made up of mangoes that are still young. Watch YouTube video “Aamb Da Achaar” to see how this one is made. If you love history, then view article “A Brief History Of The Humble Indian Pickle” to learn some of the complicated history of achaar.

Roti is one of the staple foods of Pakistan and India. It is made by using water to knead dough from floor. Then, you just need to roll the dough into a desired shape—I like square and round shapes. Sometimes, people use oil to make the roti; other times, roti can be filled with yummy ingredients like potatoes, chilies, or sugar. Check the video “How to make roti in 3 minutes” to learn how to make it.

Usually, we use the plain roti for eating achaar. I can eat a large roti with lots of very salty and spicy achaar without feeling anything other than joy. Sometimes, my nose starts running due to the spices; but, I believe that’s part of the fun. I know that a lot of people especially Westerners cannot eat loads of achaar; they usually keep one pickled carrot, mango, or lemon on plate. In contrast, I can eat like 3 to 4 servings—by one serving, I mean a large spoon—in one day given I feel like it. You should try this treat too! You will notice that you will always want a little more of this, which is exactly what’s expected of you.

I am holding my favorite treat: Achaar on Roti.

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