“Surah Nuh (Noah)”: A Prayer To Get Rid Of Really Ruthless Enemies

I am reading a collection of prayers called “Majmuah Wazaif”; it is published by the Chaand Company of Lahore, Pakistan. This book has some particular Surahs (set of Quranic verses also called “Chapters”) as well as different ways of praying each of them.

The following is mentioned about how and when to recite “Surah Noah”. According to “Majmuah Wazaif”, this surah should be recited 1000 times alone or while seated in a group of odd number of people; this reading that should be done in one seating offers protection against enemies and danger.

I know that some people would dedicate an entire day to read it 1000 times; I am hoping to do the same because I have been reading posts by some people who need some real help and because I need to ask God to help me on certain tasks. In the past, I have rarely recited some prayers sometimes exactly according to description─like the above-mentioned details─and most of the times somewhat farther away from the description. I strongly believe that God sees one struggle and does not look for perfection when granting something.

“Surah Nuh (Noah)” discusses the story of Prophet Nuh who is mentioned in the Torah, Bible, and Quran. He is the guy who built the Ark with the help of angels. Read article “Prophet Nuh (Noah), the Ark and the Flood in the Islamic Teachings“.

The website Quran.com shares the complete “Surah Nuh (Noah)” here.

I am now going to share a real story with you before I leave. I used to pray a lot; and, I used to pray in a specific manner. When my needs arose, some of my prayers started to get accepted. I think my lucid nature also played some role in this─I receive dreams that later come true or have a historic significance. I started calling my prayers, “The Silver Bullet” because I was given exactly what I asked for─I was also tested by God. Believe in God; and, God will protect you while you are alive or dead.

Added on Feb 2, 2020

I thought about why I chose to read “Surah Noah”; and, I wrote a blog post about this. Read “Why I Chose “Surah Noah” To Get Rid Of Really Ruthless Enemies”.

Added on Jun 8, 2021

Here is the result of one of my prayers that got accepted. I prayed a lot for Iraq when the Iraq war started; and, I also advocated to stop this war. My birthday is on March 06. Pope Francis met some Muslim leaders in Iraq on March 06, 2021. I dreamt of Pope Francis around a year before this visit took place. Several years ago, I also dreamt of Iraq and the wounded Iraqis; during this dream, I was escorted by an angel (a dream character that flew next to me and guided me). Read “Regarding Pope Francis’s Visit to Iraq”. I said this prayer a long while ago so I don’t recall if I recited Surah Nuh for this or not. But, I definitely said lots of prayers regarding this issue.

Overall, my point is that God tests people according to their potential. God doesn’t seek perfection; God seeks to see how you struggled through a test. Thus, if you couldn’t say Surah Nuh as described above, then just struggle through by saying it in smaller chunks or say prayers like you usually do. God will still hear you!

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9 thoughts on ““Surah Nuh (Noah)”: A Prayer To Get Rid Of Really Ruthless Enemies

    1. Salam Naila,

      You need to read this 1000 times, which you can do in different sessions given that you are reading this alone. But, if you have decided to work in a group, then you have to collect an odd number of people and finish reading this 1000 times in one session. I don’t quite believe in Taweez (naqsh), but the book states that keeping a Taweez (Naqsh) will protect the reader and his/her children from suffering. This is from “Majmuah Wazaif”, which is published by the Chaand Company that’s based in Lahore.

      I think the easiest way of going about this is to read it yourself in different sessions; and, make sure that you understand that translation.

      Best Regards!


  1. I am facing alot that I may not describe but all I sense is a wrong doer using evil powers against me and in all aspects , I am thinking how would I read Sura e Nooh 1000 times alone ? Can I make a daily plan. In past whenever I pray against my enemies I get sick like I am being attacked


  2. Reading it 1000 times isn’t possible for most of us. Some people can do it by dedicating an entire day and reading it throughout the day while taking some breaks in the middle. If you can’t do this, then read it once every night. The book describes a process only! The rest is between the humans and Allah. Allah does not ask for perfection. This is for sure! So you should ask in the manner that is possible for you. Praying against enemies leading to sickness is something else. I have seen this once before. I believe this happens with smart and creative people. This is God’s way of telling you something much bigger. You need to clear the energies that are flowing around you by recognizing the full story such as what’s triggering this all and how to change this situation for good. For instance, sometimes moving to a new city helps create a better life. Try doing a general prayer like “May God save me from my enemies and May God protect me and my loved ones” instead of a more focused prayer. Saying prayers like this removes pressure from the mind and soul, which is how one may not get sick. These are my thoughts so far. Feel free to post further if you have any other questions or comments.


  3. Also keep in mind that one of the names of Allah is “The Delayer”; Allah has 100 names including Allah. The name “The Delayer” means that Allah chooses to delay things sometimes. This could be because Allah wishes to help someone in the other world instead or because Allah wishes to create the circumstances slowly to do what this person is asking. We should just ask Allah and then trust Allah. I know this sounds difficult. And, I have been through all this. True! There were times when I didn’t want to pray due to lack of motivation or stress. But in Islam we are told that there are levels of faith such as someone who has lots of faith and ends up praying and fasting all the time and someone who has lower faith so he/she ends up helping people and does not always pray. Humans struggle through these levels throughout their lives. Allah sees the struggle and not just perfection. I hope this feedback helps!


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