How and Why I Cry?

I have always been able to cry even when my heart has calloused due to mistreatment. I find tears very beautiful.

I mostly cry when I am alone; I have cried openly at funerals of my loved ones. Usually, I have to make sure that I am in a safe place; then, it is easy for me to let it out. I also cry when I am very stressed about work.

I always feel more clear after crying. Its easier for me to focus on life after crying. I have gone through a tough time when I could not cry. I was too confused due to something; and, I forgot to cry. I started getting massive headaches after a few months had passed; and, I almost got depressed. So, I developed a method to make myself cry. To heal myself, I started listening to lectures by some of my favorite speakers; and, then I would slowly cry while falling asleep. When I cry like this, my tears feel so warm and safe that you have no idea whatsoever. Gradually, I was able to go back to feeling fresh and great.

According to M.D. Judith Orloff’s article “The Health Benefits of Tears“, tears heal the heart by decreasing heart rate and introducing a more relaxed emotional and biological state; and, tears release stress hormones from the body and cause the production of pain killer hormones endorphins.

Crying is so beautiful and universal!

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