Signet Ring and Seal of King Solomon and Totem Rings of Lucid Dreamers

There was the Noah’s Ark and then there is the Dreamer’s Ark. Both have some sort of equivalency owing to the fascination these draw from enormous crowds and the very nature of their existence. Lucid Dreaming is an incredible feat which is why the dreamers’ minds have always wandered ceaselessly to find answers to understand what they have been made to witness. This is why, every now and then, I have also considered if there are any overlaps between the world of Lucid Dreaming and the world of King Solomon. I have found some similarities over time, which include communication with jinn, angels, other otherworldly entities, and time travel. Read the following posts if you wish to learn further about this subject:

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I tried reading the Key of Solomon; but, it did not translate at all inside my mind. Then, I tried to reinterpret some of my dreams in the light of the knowledge about the demons who were placed under the Seal of Solomon. And, I did find some startling similarities; I discussed these in the post Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming. Furthermore, I used some Islamic prayers like Rabbai Zidni Ilmin, four Quls, and Ayat-ul-Qursi to invoke my dream state. Prayers are like meditations so they activate more relaxed state in the dreamer.

Today, I revisited two techniques that eventually created the REM sleep stages. These techniques are described below.

Technique 1

Imagine rubbing your index fingers─perhaps of both hands. People wear rings at index fingers. I got the idea of using this strategy not by reading about it on the web but through an actual dream.

I use only imaginary rings to create lucid dreams. I can create very deep and romantic dreams with these rings. Once, I dreamt of seeing a large volcano erupt. I was standing near the window and looking outside. To my right side, the volcano erupted and I could see light illuminating the sky. Then, a package containing rings that were made from the volcanic ash and debris flew from the volcano and fell in my hands. I was surprised when I received these rings. Some months or maybe years afterwards–I failed to document this interval here due to a high frequency of lucid dreams–I thought back to this dream. I wanted to reinitiate the dream sequence and find out what the rings were for. So I rubbed my fingers where I imagined wearing one of these rings. Then, during my sleep, I had an orgasm. Do you know that even virgins can get orgasms through lucid dreams? Source: Lucid Dreaming Totems. 

I researched the use of rings in Lucid Dreaming after going through this particular experience. Finally, I found a document titled “Totem Induced Lucid Dream (TILD) Tutorial + 8 Totem Ideas” on This article discusses just one use of the ring totems, which proves that somebody else have successfully used the ring to achieve something in the dream world. After reading this, I thought back to how King Solomon used to use a Signet Ring as a seal when he commanded the demons. The Signet Ring had the pentagram or hexagram shape on it, which could be playing a part in somehow sealing the demons. What if I made these shapes on my fingers or somewhere on my body and fell asleep. What would that do?

Technique 2

The second technique was devised after I played Foosball with some of my colleagues. I was so happy at that time. Then, one night, I had trouble falling asleep asleep. So, I imagined playing Foosball while lying in bed─I have lots of imagination so this did not feel weird. I did this two phases somehow─I made up the phases on the spot. In the first phase, I held both of my hands and imagined that the square part of the Foosball table is at the chest level while I twisted the Foosball handles. In the second phase, I placed both of my hands next to my sides; imagined that the square part of the Foosball table is on my lower abdomen; and, then I twisted the imaginary Foosball handles. I fell asleep after doing this; and, I had an interesting lucid dream.

When I drew the pictures to display this particular technique, I was shocked to find that these pictures looked very similar to what is drawn on the Seal of King Solomon. Check it out! The seal is the third picture on the right side of this Wikipedia page. The upper part of the Seal of King Solomon is similar to picture of Phase 1; and, the lower part of the seal is like the picture of Phase 2. The central figure of the Seal of King Solomon looks like a human; this shape is represented by the body of the lucid dreamer. See the pictures below.

Phase 1 of Foosball Technique. The round objects are my hands!
Phase 2 of Foosball Technique. The round objects are my hands!

Can you easily visualize now some key connections between the Signet Ring and Seal of King Solomon and Lucid Dreaming?

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