Today was one of my lucky days although it was one of the tougher days. After finishing some chores, I visited a Starbucks that’s connected to Chapters. I ordered a Latte; and, then I felt attracted to my mental need to browse through some books. So I went to Chapters next and strolled around while letting myself touch and briefly read books. I was in the Fantasy section when I thought, “What’s more interesting than a Lucid Dream Fantasy?” My mind immediately replied, “Nothing’s better than that. Why don’t you ask someone if this store has any fiction books that are based on Lucid Dreams.” Therefore, I approached a Customer Services Representative and asked her this question. She felt confused after she heard it; so I felt compelled to explain. “Like ‘Frankenstein’ is derived from a lucid dream.” To this, she retorted hastily, “Ah! for that you will need Google.” I felt like wasting my time further although I experienced another nudge that usually this store does not carry too many books on lucid dreams. Also, I felt like I needed to prove that I am right to search here for some reason and not having access to Google is of no concsequence whatsoever. This series of events caused me to walk over to the Kiosk, which is where I searched for “Lucid Dream”. Surprisingly, I found a relevant book sitting in the Bargains section. Its titled “The Lucid Dreaming Pack”; it is by a famous author and lucid dreamer “Robert Waggoner”; and, it was up for $7 instead of the regular $12 price, which is a discounted price from $20. Stubbornly, I asked the Customer Services Representative to assist me again because I did not knew where the Baragins section was. She ran towards the Bargains section; found the item; and, gave it to me. I cannot believe I found this kind of pack for only $7. Wow! Here is a snapshot of the recepit and merchandise.

I know that telepathic experiences can be enhanced through Lucid Dreams. For example, check out how I acquired the last copy of Carlos Gomez’s book “Man Up: Cracking the Code of Modern Manhood”. This is why I am asking people to contact me if they need a Psychic Detective. I not only receive visions through dreams but I also get strong gut feelings during the day.

Date of purchase is April, 16, 2019. Cost is $12 minus $5.



Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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