Link Between Lucid Dreaming and Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is the ability to visualize reality from a distance. I have experienced remote viewing very clearly although I have done this rarely. Usually, this happens when I am very relaxed and aware. Just yesterday, I was walking around in  Ottawa. I must comment that Ottawa is very unique because it has lots of people who are very well-defined and meditative in nature —I have felt all this inside my mind. Yesterday, I used this energy to project myself outside of my body. Reality is that I did not realize that I was doing this simply because I felt too relaxed. So this is what I experienced.

I was waiting for my bus to arrive when I felt like scanning the area. From the corner of my eye, I saw a male figure who was dressed in black standing at the pavement that was at the intersection. I turned around and looked at that spot. There was nobody there. I decided to wait and see if someone will appear there in a bit. I waited and waited. Nobody appeared. A male and a female pedestrian passed by me. I thought hard why I saw the man standing at the corner but not these two—later I understood that I can engage with my more adventurous self without fully realizing it.

The bus arrived; and, I got on it. It took me from one twisted road to another. Finally, after a couple of minutes had passed, the bus got near an intersection where a man was standing with a bike. He was dressed in all black just like the male figure I saw earlier.

This is a smaller version of another remote viewing experience I had several years ago. It was so odd that I did not realize what I saw; thus, for years, I tried to shut out the idea from my mind. I was standing inside a prayer place, which was built inside the University of Toronto. Mostly, Muslim women used to pray there. I was looking outside the window at some field that was just outside the university. It had lots of trees so it was easy for me to zone out of my current state and space. Pretty soon, everything changed in front of me. I could see bulldozers and workers cutting things. I stepped away feeling scared of what I just witnessed. Was it the combined energy in this area that was speeding up my channeling abilities? Some days or months afterwards—I did not document this interval because I got frightened—when I got back to this place, this change had begun. Time runs a bit differently inside my mind, which also contributed to the creation of this kind of confusion. Just like I saw before, this area now had machines and workers.

Although I can effortlessly move forward in future during lucid dreams, I actually get scared and block this ability to visualize things while awake. Note that this is different than regular telepathic abilities because the visuals seem like what one would experience in real life.

To learn further, read Rebecca Turner’s article, Is Remote Viewing Real?

Project Stargate was the code name for a top secret US military operation that used remote viewing to gather intelligence on its enemies. Source: Is Remote Viewing Real? 

View the warning I posted on October 21, 2018 in the blog post “Watch Out! Journalists Around The Globe Are In Extreme Danger“. I specifically mentioned that I dreamt of the murder of a popular American journalist and professor. Then I posted again on January 1, 2019 that “Reporters Without Borders” has concluded America is the deadliest country for journalists. Read article “Another Lucid Dream Came True: US Is Dangerous For Journalists“.

Can you now see the link between Lucid Dreaming and Remote Viewing? It’s the same process performed during two the two states of mind: awake and asleep.

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