Entering Someone’s Subconscious Mind

Hacking into someone hidden thoughts is an easy task. I knew this through the following incidence. This is a very personal matter; but, I am planning to share this here because doing so will provide a great lesson.

Some years ago, I came across a great male writer and speaker; we had a brief online encounter. I had a strong dream after this encounter. In this dream, this guy just got off an aeroplane and ran towards me. Then he kissed me rather passionately on my lips. There was this voice that boomed in my mind at that point. The voice said, “His feelings are sincere towards you; and, he is very much taken by you.” Then I just woke up. But the reality did not enfold like this. Although I connected with him online we are still formal acquaintances. I know that this voice is telling me something deepperhaps it is saying that I am a lot like this guy. I trust my inner voice a lot because this voice has already hacked into a couple of crime cases including a local crime case. Read “Knight of the Flying Carpet” to read one of these cases.

This particular character is really smart because he is a very educated professor. His dream character later evolved into something far more intelligent than what I have experienced before. He once appeared to warn me about something; soon afterwards, I found out that an acquaintance of mine was being cyber-bullied on Facebook.  Read “Dream Characters that Appear Suddenly To Warn“.

So did you now see how confusing and clear these dreams really are! I get this kind of hidden dream signals at a high frequency. I can use these to solve crime cases although I have zero formal training.

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