My Very Own “Signet Ring” and “Foosball” Combo Technique Has Activated a Lucid Dream

The “Signet Ring” and “Foosball” Combo technique finally got activated in my sleep. Read “Signet Ring and Seal of King Solomon and Totem Rings of Lucid Dreamers”. I performed the “Foosball” Technique a full day before with no amazing results during sleep. Tomorrow, before falling asleep, I looked at both of my index fingers and realized that I was still wearing the lucid Signet Rings on both of them.

In this dream, I crossed through several building rooftops to find my younger brother. Then, I held his hand; and, flew around with him. Reality is that he is trying to learn about lucid dreaming; so I have been bringing his dream character in my sleep to teach it this lesson. Dreamscape is an extended stage so I am wondering how much his dream character will absorb and how he will evolve in reality due to these “inner” changes.

After flying around for a bit, I got stressed because my brother’s dream character had just faded away. He is very sensitive in nature; maybe, that is how he vanished. Flying is not an easy business. To get out of my place, I have to open a window or ceiling. This time, I touched the ceiling and vibrated it. Then a window opened in the ceiling; and, I was able to see the dark sky. I get exposed to the high sky and low ground; I experience the darkness and roughness of a large terrain; I dodge buildings and skyscrapers; I run on the rooftops; and, while doing all this, I find and locate my dream characters.  I am hoping repeat exposure of his dream character will cause some critical changes in him in real life.

I got bored because my younger brother had left my side. So my thoughts shifted towards other needs. First I brought, one random dream character to a hotel room. I asked him to have sex with me. But, he politely refused; and, I understood his need. The scene changed and I was flying around again. Then my thoughts moved towards the Netflix TV series, “Gotham“; and, I ended up finding a male lead character. For some reason, I had some sort of lucid sex with him where our bodies were not touching but the experience of sex was still there. Do you see how lucid sex is prettier in nature? I spoke to him and he replied in a soothing manner. It was fun because this activity becomes permissible during dreams. I am wondering how this dream character will now evolve. For instance, the dream character of a specific American professor and writer has evolved into a Guardian Spirit. He has visited me often to connect with me, which includes issuing warnings of certain affairs.

I have pondered why sex gets activated on its own during dreams simply because I am a bit disconnected in nature owing to my unique ENFP IQdisconnected means “genuine relationships”. This is when I realized that the Dreamscape offers a very strong simulation of real life and much more. And, it allows you to play something hidden about yourself; such as, I play the role of a “detective” during my sleep. Blog post “My Disturbing Dream About Kidnapping of Children In The West“.

Do you see now why the Americans were after the secrets of Remote Viewing through “Project Stargate“. Reality is that Lucid Dreaming is several steps ahead of Remote Viewing. Do you also see why some of my most challenging prayers are capable of creating clear results?

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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