Link Between Flying During Lucid Dreams and Time Travel

I have noticed that flying during lucid dreams allow me to travel through time. The following posts show this link clearly.

Earthlings that are like Kryptonians (see description of the Jinn Gang)

The Date That Almost Blew My Cover!

I Have Met Agent Mulder and Agent Scully

The Dragon Seer: Invoking the Dragon Within (this dream shows that one can fly and travel through time after a “physical” transformation)

Knights of the Flying Carpet

Since I am using Telepathy and Lucid Dreams to fly around, I do not have footage of myself flying around. Just kidding! Oh! Jean Grey is the most interesting character because she uses Telekinesis to fly, which shows that the link between telepathy, lucid dreams, and flying is real. I think mankind needs to look for alternate explanations of this super power. We are all used to thinking that flying requires forceful forward projection of the body; ability to traverse through thin air; or use of wings. But, now we know that this ability still exhibits itself given that one is able to project the mind forward while experiencing a relaxed state.

Check out my favorite movie characters that fly around to conduct their business.

The Matrix 1 & 2: All Neo Flying Scenes

Disney’s Maleficent – Official Trailer 3

All Superman Flying Scenes(Superman Returns & Man of Steel) HD

SuperHeroes – Silver Surfer Intro

Jinn Official TRAILER (2014) Supernatural Thriller Movie HD

Jean Grey (Powers/ X Men Apocalypse)

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