Link Between Project Stargate’s “Mars Exploration” Assignment and Lucid Dreams

Note: This is entirely true no matter how queer it sounds. I am going to show you how telepathic cues eventually work together to create bigger answer. If this is sounding too big to you, then know that you are reading my very active “Fractal” mind. I think people can open up to this level; training your 6 to 21 senses and learning lucid dreaming techniques should help you achieve this level.

Some months ago, I was driving on a road; for some reason, I got attracted to a Martial Arts centre that was inside a nearby mall. Then, for some odd reason, I heard a very queer voice of some sort. I started feeling curious so I just drove into the mall; and, visited the Martial Arts centre. Some months afterwards, one of the ladies who worked at that centre told me that lucid dreams can be induced while relaxing inside a Floatation Tank; she also recommended “Tank Action Float Centre“. To learn about the link between Floatation Tanks and Lucid Dreaming, read article “Lucid Dreaming and Floatation Tanks: Exploring Consciousness with Lucid Dreaming Techniques and Stress-Relieving Floating“.

Just some weeks ago, I formulated an inquiry, which I repeated a couple of times to myself while awake. My question was whether lucid dreaming would let me visit other planets and connect with different life forms. My previous encounters with otherworldly creatures are the real reason behind this inquiry. So far, I have been connecting with them while thinking that our dimension is linked into parallel dimensions where these entities actually exist. This way, I think less while bringing them into my dreams.

Just a few days ago, I learned about America’s top secret project, Project Stargate. This is when I started thinking back to my lucid dream, which I posted under the blog post title “Lucid Stargate“; this dream occurred around Aug 24-2017. On Aug 27-2017, I wrote some of my thoughts about Lucid Stargates; content of blog post “What Exactly Are The Stargates Of Lucid Dreamers” show that I was definitely thinking about this out-of-box phenomenon.

I cued myself to think about “Project Stargate” by allowing my mind to repeat the question, “What is Stargate? How it links into Lucid Dreams?” Today, after a bit of research, I was able to find the answer to this particular question. Samuel Popejoy’s article “Top 10 Spookiest Declassified Project Stargate Documents” shares some data on “Mars Exploration” assignment. It specifically states that the remote viewer used a “sensory deprivation tank” and timespace coordinates to visualize Mars. He reported seeing “gigantic thin people”.

Aha! I did not fully realize that this was possible until today. The sensory deprivation  tank induces sleep paralysis and lucid dreams; and, the timespace coordinates serve as cues that open one up to the concept of traveling through space. If you have read my blog posts (see category “Lucid Dreams”) closely, then you will see that I often refer to using things like videos or pictures to initiate dream of individuals and things that one feels interested in.

So far, I have been playing with otherworldly creatures without realizing this truth that dreams/remote viewing can be used to see into outer space. Did you also see that all my cues work in sync to grant me the answers to bigger questions? I have often asked myself what my real potential is when it comes to things like dreaming and telepathy. And, I have always just known that whatever I have access to is a smaller portion of what I can actually access. This is why I am eager to hack further into my psyche as well as psyche of those who are somehow connected to me.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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