Get To Number 3

I have played this game many times; and, it has always worked. Truth is that this game has many forms. I will discuss only three forms here. As I type here, know that you must treat all of this as a game; also allow yourself to err while you are gaming. This mental scenario should allow you to perfect this game.

I held my calculator in my hand and told myself to get to number 3. Then, I entered a number randomly and started performing all sorts of mathematical operations on it really fast without allowing myself to do any mental calculations or use another calculator as aid. I even used complex mathematical operations like log and exponents. Mind you! I have been trained to use mostly calculator to complete such challenging calculations. After a couple of calculations, I found number 3. I finished this tough job in a minute or two, which is unusual.

I can sometimes find a desired video by browsing through tons of other videos on YouTube and randomly picking a video and moving to the next one from the selection found on right-hand-side. Sometimes, I can find the desired video after a couple of clicks; and, other times, I spend several minutes to click through multiple videos while telling myself that I am getting nearer to the desired video until I actually get there.

Another format is when I run repeat lucid dreams to find an answer. During these dreams, I could be doing random things like watching an abuser dance with someone else while his real partner is missing.

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