Psychic Simulation

I have done a psychic simulation once. I was going to a conference to meet some very famous speakers. One day before I met them, I totally relaxed on my bed and closed my eyes. I imagined holding a gun in my hand. Then, I imagined walking next to the speaker. Whenever, I created this image in my hand; some other people cluttered in this mental image. I walked next to them; and, thought of using my imaginary gun at almost everyone who would attack the speaker. I even shot some bullets in all directions. Soon, I heard a voice that they have returned to their place safely. I was still awake by the time this all ended.

When I went to the conference, I did meet a particular speaker and some of his family members. And, I did walk next to them while the night had fallen. It was fun to see them leave safely!

Psychic simulation worked!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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