Why I Think That God Controls Machines

Several years ago when I was still new to driving and cars, I got stranded in the parking lot of a local mall. It was very dark that night and perhaps it was raining too. Yes! I was definitely in rush to get back home. When I got into my car, I found out that my steering wheel had locked; it must have locked because I accidentally hit against it as I left the car. Anyways, I just sat in my car and tried to unlock the steering wheel for several minutes. I felt so scared because my hands were too small to move this stuck wheel. I panicked more when nobody picked up the phone when I dialed for help.

So, I did the only thing that made sense to me. I started praying to God. After around two minutes of praying and attempting to unlock the steering wheel, something just worked. My hands just moved almost on their own in the right direction and the steering wheel got unlocked. I was able to drive back home safely.

I have read in Islam that everything including good and bad as well movements of the human body and mind are under God’s control. I have always believed that for some reason; but, this experience has just increased my faith in this particular teaching. I have been challenged many times by people about God’s existence; and, I can clearly see today why I don’t shake with fear when telling them that their belief that there is no God won’t ever influence mine. I learned this in Islam as well because it is a mandatory teaching that allows for co-existence of different faiths including atheism.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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