Another Telepathic Incidence Through Finger Tapping (FILD)

Tonight, I almost fell asleep while my laptop was being updated. I told myself to wake up on time; for several minutes, I was drenched in deep melodic thoughts that usually awaken just before I fall asleep. I had almost dozed off when I started tapping my fingers on my tummy. My mind raced back to how I had used FILD method before and how it once activated a telepathic incidence. Read blog post “Finger Induced Lucid Dreams Link Into Telepathy”.

So I just woke up somehow despite being so drowsy. This is when I noticed that the laptop had updated; and, now it needed inputs for configuration. Therefore, I spent a couple of minutes setting it up.

This time I did not perform the FILD technique; I just mentally reminded myself to wake up on time; and, then my fingers just tapped on their own.

You should attempt using your gut feelings after practicing FILD technique. There are two links about the FILD: one is above in this post and the second is in the post “Finger Induced Lucid Dreams Link Into Telepathy”. Watch these videos; and, if you have any more questions, check out the video “Questions About the FILD Technique Answered!”

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