Why I Like Sewing?

My mom used to sew with the help of a sewing machine. Unfortunately, I was never introduced to the sewing machineI learned Chinese cooking from a professional when I was just a teenager. I started learning sewing on my own because after my first couple of tries with the needle and the thread, I started feeling very drawn towards it. My mom quickly showed me how to thread a needle and how to sew ripped clothes. Of course! Over time, I also learned how to make patterned boxes by sewing wool inside some kind of plastic material; and, how to make a doll by stitching a material that felt like a mix of hay and fabric. I forgot about these more complicated tasks—except for Chinese cooking—because despite being riveting in nature, they served no practical use for me whatsoever. Thus, I stuck to just stitching my clothes with a needle and a thread.

I made this while I was studying a Canadian High School. I managed to save these in my small “memory box”. The rest of the stuff I made had to be thrown away while I moved.

I know that the fact that Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) used to stitch his own clothes contributed a lot to how I maintained my habit of managing my garments.

When we moved to Canada, I got access to the Internet. This is when I researched things online and found out that the there are many benefits of sewing including improvement of social life, emotional health, environment, creativity, and self-esteem. Read Eve Token’s article, “The Benefits of Sewing: 9 Reasons Why Sewing Is Good For You!

So can you see now how the Muslims are a very blessed race even if they may not have access to technology or riches?

Today, I am stitching my clothing before I bathe and wear these.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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