My Gut Feelings Make Me Fight Back

I sometimes get very gut feelings; my close friends and family members know that during those moments I can get very disruptive if someone tries to hassle me that I am wrong. Here are two recent incidences that show you how my gut feelings landed me the right answers:

Incidence 1

I was at a Bus Station when I saw a non-White woman—perhaps she was Aboriginal—lying on a stone boulder barricade. I got bugged when I saw her because she was holding a rather sleek leather purse—she did not look like a homeless. As I approached her, several voices got activated so that I may consult them. “What if she is drugged or drunk?”; “What if she hits you?”; and, “It’s not a good idea to bug her”. I listened to these voices and backed out from poking her to wake her up. After a bit, I got very unsettled because night was approaching fast and almost anybody could steal her purse her then. I looked around and started talking to other people about her. Then I kept telling them that I need to wake her up because I don’t want to risk her safety. One of them encouraged me to wake her up. I poked her shoulder for several minutes and finally she woke up. She turned around and fell on grass; I screamed in pain and shock as I tried to help her stand again. Thank God! She did not get injured. Now the funny thing is that when I got home, two of my family members raised the same set of questions as the voices did when I told them the entire story. I am very glad that I stood my ground.

Incidence 2

Yesterday, my sister ordered pizza for us. The guy who delivered it said that he had forgotten the dips and that he will be back in 10 minutes or so. We waited for around 20 minutes. Then my sister said that maybe he will not come back but we should wait for another 10 minutes. So I consulted the voices again. I had a clear feeling that it is best to wait at this point. I could almost sense him in a struggle of some sort. He came back after around 30 minutes; handed me the dips; and, tried to return the tip because he was late. I smiled at him patiently; and, asked him to keep his tip. Oh! he said something kept him from coming back in time, which is the struggle I had sensed.

You should always trust your gut feelings. They are there for a strong reason!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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