Sword-Yielding Hero Who Protected My Lucid Household

Last night, I drank the recommended dosage of Aloe Vera and rested. I also pretended to play a video game before falling asleep. I made hand movements to indicate I was gazing through a screen and that I was using a Joystick to control what was going on. I did add humor in all this by talking about random stuff.

I had a very funny dream after this. In this dream, I was inside a small village house that was built by using bamboo-like material. I had a family; and, I was taking care of some children and talking to some women. I was still single, which is what I distinctly felt in this dream. I was very happy with them and seemed totally unaware of the approaching danger.

Then the dream scene shifted to outdoors. It was very pleasant and sunny outside. There was lots of greenery outside; and, colours yellow and green were the two most distinct colors of this scenery. Several angry men appeared holding weapons like batons and swords. Suddenly, a very tall and muscular man who belonged to my household noticed them approaching. He left the house immediately yielding a sword as other men joined him. He was fast and he sliced many foes really fast. He was wearing a mask of some sort on his face so I could not tell who exactly he was.

I personally feel that I have entered a picture of some sort. I sometimes do this during the day if triggered by doubt or other relevant indications or if not triggered at all. For example, when one of Gotham’s characters, “Martin” who is Penguin’s favorite kid entered the car in which he was supposedly blown to pieces by Penguin, I knew that he was not supposed to get killed at this point. So I entered the picture at the point when the car was blown. I distinctly saw a hole in the seat that Martin had used to escape. I also heard someone telling him what to do. In the real scene that enfolded afterward, there was a hole in the seat and a sign that told Martin to get in there. The sign is “someone telling him what to do”.

So I thought hard about the lucid dream of this skilled male fighter. I strongly felt that this dream is an indication of conflict, struggle, and eventual victory. It is true that over time you should develop an idea about what your dream is trying to say to you.

Why don’t you search in dream dictionaries and find out what my dream signifies? This would be an interesting activity.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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