Why I Believe Telepathy Is Natural?

I had a bizarre day today because I had multiple telepathic encounters. The way I can tell that it’s telepathy is because my mind becomes open and then it stays open towards this phenomenon for a bit. I can imagine a creative brainwave of that sort. This brainwave shuts down when my brain needs to relax.

I had to travel around a bit today by using the buses. I sat in one of the front seats of my bus and played with my cell for a bit. All of a sudden, I had the urge to move to the back. When I got to the very last seat, I sat down and started looking outside the window. Next, I had the urge to just turn my body a bit towards the front so that I may easily turn my head in that direction as well. This is when I saw an old Brown male sitting with his cellphone on the seat and between his legs. He had placed it there and then forgotten it. The bus jerked; and, I noticed his cellphone shake. It was about to fall down when I told the man that he should pick up his cell. He thanked  me as he hastily grabbed his phone.

Then on the next bus, I chose one of the last seats again. I had another interesting encounter this time. A drunk man walked towards me and sat down. He said hello to me so I said hello back. I had a bad feeling the second I saw him so I decided not to talk to him. Pretty soon, I noticed that he was hiding a large bottle of beer under his jacket. He needed to rant so he told me what he does to make a living as well as his ethnic background. I won’t be discussing everything here because it would be unethical to do so. However, I will bring up some relevant points. He said that he works for the military and that he has participated in warfare in Afghanistan and Somalia. He then quickly showed me all the scars he had, which included several marks on his face, back of head, knuckles, and hand. Then he asked me where I am from. I told him that I am Canadian instead of sharing my ethnic background—you see I had a bad feel about him the second I saw him. After hearing my reply he cheered up and said that he liked it. He then stated that the new religion is “One Religion” or “No Religion”. He said that when he fights, he knows that other guys are always the losers. Then he said that Christopher Columbus discovered America. I smiled at his comments because I had decided just to listen to him without engaging. After this, he joked: “But, there was an Indian man who also discovered America. Tell me his name.” I told him that I don’t know anything about this person. He mumbled something really fast. It sounded like an Indian name, “Binder” something. I exclaimed in surprise so he clarified: “There is no such person. It’s a joke. I said ‘Been there, done that.’ ” His commentary clearly showed that he was expressing opinions of his social group. Read article “Why people believe in conspiracy theories – and how to change their minds“.

Let me end this story here. All this started a while ago when a friend of mine told me that some people who work in the military have a very racist and demeaning attitude. At that point, I thought that this is something one can understand more easily after observing it up close. Some years after this conversation, I experienced this particular encounter.

Did you notice that we cannot tell if the second event is peculiar in nature if we cannot see how the first event enfolded? I had the urge to sit at the back during the first incidence; and, I repeated this action so that the second event occurred. Truth is that I had a third telepathic encounter soon after the second one: I found the washroom even when I was hoping to wait before relaxing myself and roaming around to check out a specific office at first floor when my appointment was at the second floor. Again, I had the urge to wander at the first floor instead of running upstairs to the second floor. Can you now clearly see that telepathy is a very camouflaged phenomenon. If outsiders were observing me, they would just think that I am strolling around on purpose or that I am lost. But, that is not what’s going on in my mind. Reality is that when I viewed the board where all the numbers were listed, the room number for the office that was at the first floor kept popping up for some reason—I was inside a building I have never visited before.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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