Dream Of A Woman Giving Birth While Standing

Today, I had a very weird dream. I don’t know much about deliveries because I have never seen one in real life. In this dream, I was talking to a female relative of mine when a rather tall and sturdy woman who was standing behind my relative gave birth to more than five babies. Shockingly, she gave birth to all of them while standing. Children kept falling out from between her legs at a rather high speed. I felt a bit scared as I watched this. She placed the kids in a circle; and, they started playing games. They seemed older than regular infants; I felt that they were already older when they came out of her womb. I felt stunned as I stared at so many babies. This is when she said that she is about to give birth to another one. This one fell inside her pants because she did not even had time to undress for this laborious matter. She placed the last baby in the circle where all her other rather pretty babies were seated.

I finally woke up and started thinking if my subconscious just played another joke on me since it loves making me laugh or shocking the sh$% out of me. So I researched online and found out that it is actually possible to give birth while standing. Read “Giving Birth Upright – 9 Huge Benefits“. Dreams that tell the truth feel so surprising! What a beneficial gift from God!

I also found out that one dream interpretation is that I will have financial success because I watched someone else give birth. Read “Dreams About Giving Birth – Interpretation and Meaning”. Wow! I hope this dream comes true soon.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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