My Psychic Experiences With My 1 Year Old Niece “Myah”

My niece is 1 year old now. I mostly receive sensations from her when I think about her. I feel like she misses being held by me. These are very light vibes/rays of energy that I can sense whenever I am thinking about her and even when she is not near me.

Before she was born, I dreamt that my younger brother and his wife had a baby. I believe that in my dream she was playing on a slide with my brother while my sister-in-law waited at the end of the slide for them. I also saw them leave together with the baby.

I have talked about how I saw her before she was born. See post published on Oct 29, 2018. Oh! I deleted one post because I got scared of how I predicted something about the baby. Later, I gave up on this irrational fear because I had already safely shared my thoughts with some of my family members. I repeated what scared me on the tweet (second one here) I made on Oct 10, 2018.

I said that she looked like a boy. Now, check out her face (first picture). She looks just like my younger brother (the kid in the center, second picture).

My niece “Myah”.
Starting from left to right: Me (Arzoo); one of my younger brothers (father); my older brother

Don’t you love telepathy that takes place between relatives and loved ones? I have been receiving telepathic signals from “Myah” before she was born. Scientific research points to the fact that babies exhibit brainwaves that are similar to those seen during the REM sleep while they are still in the womb. Read article “Do Babies Dream?” I now wonder if those dreams about a certain guy I met at “The Parliament of World’s Religions” are actually predictions of the future? Dunno yet! Well, back to “Myah”. Check out how I spend quality time with my adorable angel. Read “My Niece ‘Myah’“.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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