I am celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr today with some of my family members. We all dressed up today because we wanted to take pictures of the family with my one year old niece Myah. The breakfast included smooth sweet Saviya that were drenched in milk; I ate these with a French Vanilla. Soon some of our relatives came home with Indian sweets. So I tried a couple of these scrumptious delights as well.

I was very excited today because spending quality time with my family matters a lot to me. The best part was helping my sister-in-law get ready for this event. Since she  is Canadian, she has never worn Pakistani jewelry and bangles before. So I rummaged through my and my sister’s selections and found her something exciting to wear. Her necklace was made up of beige beads and there were golden charms dispersed through the beads; the rather long earrings had three golden charms and some material that had the same color as the beads. She wore some white and golden bangles on one hand; and, a red golden set in the other.

I wore a pink dress that has golden embroidery in the front and the back; this dress is traditionally referred to as Shalwar Qameez; the Dupatta—its like a really long scarf—also has golden embroidery. I wore golden bangle set on one arm and a large Indian Kara—really wide bangle—on the other arm. The golden bangle set had white and golden bangles; and, the wide and thin bangles were mixed to make the set appear balanced. The Indian Kara was also golden in color and had a very nice colored shape in the centre; the shape was similar to a flower; surprisingly, this shape splits into two parts when one opens the Kara in order to wear it. The bindi—jewelry for the forehead—was the prettiest one. I had to use pins to pin it to my hair; funny thing is that I find bindi shockingly lovely because it sits in the center of my forehead.

Lastly, I took some selfies after family photograph session was over. I thought to share these here.




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