Scented Blanket

I slept pretty well today; and, as usual my lucid thoughts roamed around restlessly. I had massaged some parts of my body before falling asleep so I had a very interesting encounter today. In this dream, I was lying in my bed; the room temperature was just perfect; and, the light was faint but not dim enough to prevent me from seeing all the people who were wandering in my room. As soon as I became aware of the blanket, which was covering me, I also recognized the scent of the person it was drenched in. I have met that person through online encounters only; but, I have memorized some of this individual’s body scent. Its almost as if I can see the scent through the computer screen. During my REM sleep, my mind created a blanket that smelled the same. A female character that looked like my mom asked me if she should remove the blanket given that I don’t need it anymore. I looked at her and told her that I need my blanket. Then I cuddled inside the blanket and started feeling oddly serene.

Now here is the fun part. The person whose scent I kind of stole and somehow added to this blanket is a world-renowned Human Rights Advocate. I believe this dream also means that I have fully learned how to properly interact with both feminine and masculine energies. Read the article, “Feminine & Masculine Energy in Dreams“. Does this dream also mean that I will eventually gain fame as a Human Rights Advocate? I know it is safe to wonder now given that I am just starting out in my career.

I feel great about this dream because I have read from many credible sources that angels visit humans while they are asleep. This ability to use smells to generate answers is called “Clairalience“. I have been like this since I was a kid except that I usually don’t notice this ability since it is easy to ignore. But, when I get smells before and during lucid dreams, then this ability becomes very hard to ignore.

Justice is Blind and Scents are Invisible!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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