Galvan and Inaya

Once upon a time, there lived a powerful race of Storyteller Spirits on the Moon. There were all sorts of clans going from Royal clans to Nomadic clans. The Royal clan of Storyteller Spirits used to travel every year from one region of the moon to another in order to join festive Royal events. They used to narrate all sorts of tales that belonged to the Moon, Earth, or elsewhere. The younger ones who have never traveled anywhere other than the moon had learned all the stories from the older ones; the older ones were special because they had learned to thrive on any given planet.

To commemorate their maturation from child to an adult, only the young ones of the richest families used to fly from one region of the Moon to another in processions. The Stompers (a creature similar to a flying horse) that belonged to the Storyteller Spirits were given to them when they were children. These creatures were very loyal; and, usually a Stomper would spend his/her entire life with the master. Only the richest and strongest children were allowed to own multiple Stompers. Theo, the younger son of LoreMaster Omar, King of the Kingdom of Adingran Solonin, was on a quest for his identity since he was a rather deep personhe was about to turn into a mature adult soon. Thus, he chose to ride his Stomper at the very back of the procession. He thought that he would be able to finish reading his books that way since the end of the procession enter the city one hour after the procession has arrived at the city. Our beloved Theo did not knew that he had been chosen by the Sand Fairies to fulfill a prophecy.

The Sand Fairies are not bound by the time of Moon or Earth. Thus, they could be anywhere. They used to disguise themselves in form of the provided elements of a planet. For example, on the Moon, they will be like sand; on Earth, they can be like dust particles or soil. These disguises helped them accomplish their missions for they were responsible for bringing harmony to chaos. True! the Sand Fairies only became alive when a legacy needed to be created or a prophecy needed to come true.

The Sand Fairies were very cunning, which showed when they created a sandstorm that affected only the back of the procession—divide and conquer was their mentality. Therefore, Theo and his loyal Stomper Galvan as well as some other members of this cavalcade were trapped in a confusing sandstorm. As the rest struggled to get out of this violent disturbance, Theo falls into a much deeper vortex that linked Moon to Earth. As he falls into the vortex, he thinks that he has fainted or that he is in some darker part of the sandstorm.

Theo falls and falls until he reaches a well that is located in a small Middle Eastern village. Soon he wakes up and yells in anger as he finds out that Galvan is not with him. He is still not aware of the fact that one of Galvan’s wings were ripped apart by the Sand Fairies who were disguised as sand particles; and, that this is how he and Galvan were on Earth now. Pretty soon, Theo realizes that he was drenched in cold water and was lying inside a large dark hole of some sort. Since he was still young, he panicked pretty fast despite being very strong and magical. Thus, the brave Theo starts crying for help.

A young maiden who has walked a long distance in this deserted area to get to this well, finally collapsed near the well. She had just recently lost her parents and was now tired of taking care of her younger brother, Abbas. She almost falls asleep next to the well and is awakened due to a harrowing voice that came from somewhere. “Help me! Get me out of this dark place. Help me!” the voice echoed. Feeling surprised, she stands up and looks all around her. There was nobody there so she freezes in fear thinking that a jinn is teasing her. She tries to ignore all of this and looks at the bottom of the well as she throws her bucket and rope in. This is when she glances at Theo, the Storyteller; due to Theo’s magic, she forgets her fear and starts listening to him. Theo tries to hold the rope in order to get out of the well; but, Inaya’s arms and hands are too weak to support Theo’s weight. She screames as the rope tears at her young skin; then, she cries in agony as she realizes that her bucket and rope have fallen in the well. “I am so sorry! Sorry! I can’t hold the rope. You are too heavy”, Inaya, the quietest girl from her town, stammered out her complain. Her tears traveled through space and finally fell on Theo’s skin. For some reason, he likes how her tears felt; therefore, he decides to forget his fears and climb up by himself. He ties her rope to protruding stones and finally climbs out of the well.

Theo addresses Inaya gently as soon as he regains some composure, “Thank you lovely lady for throwing this rope. I owe you for saving my life”. Inaya gradually smiles at this stranger; and, then complains in a self-absorbed manner that she needs to buy food from the market and get some water for her younger brother. Then, she rants, “My family is not with me anymore. I have to take care of Abbas. I don’t have my bucket anymore. What am I to do?” Theo soothes her and she quickly returns back to her quieter self. Theo decides to accompany her and promises to help her return home safely.

On their way to market, they eventually find Galvan. Galvan had fallen farther away from Theo because he had lost one of his wings. Galvan had fallen asleep as soon as he fell on Earth because he enjoyed this new foreign atmosphere. As Theo smells Galvan nearby, he whistles once. Nobody appears. He whistles again. Still there was nobody there. He whistles the third time. This time, Galvan comes running towards him for he has awakened from his slumber. Galvan runs towards him; attempts to fly; stumbles; tries flying again; and, stumbles again. Theo starts feeling very frustrated about this sight; so he runs towards his Stomper and rips off his second wing. You see, Galvan is a magical creature. He grows new wings every 60 days; and, his new wings always have different colors than the older ones. Theo caresses Galvan and hopes that he will forget about his wings for some days.

Inaya starts exclaiming in a frightful voice when she sees Galvan. “This horse is a jinn! A jinn with wings! Who are you? You are a jinn too. You are both spirits of some sort”. Theo laughs heartily and tries to comfort her. He reassures her that they are not there to harm her; and, that one day they will fly back to the Moon, which is where they live. Inaya starts feeling consoled since she finds Theo attractive and comforting. Theo looks around; pretty soon, he finds Galvan’s other wing.

After buying some food and water, they finally get back to Inaya’s place. Inaya fixes a bed for Theo; and, moves Galvan to the large empty shed that was near her place. She asks Abbas to give Theo some food as she runs outside to feed Galvan. Theo wanted to please Inaya so he uses his magic to change Galvan’s wings into a beautiful white dress. He gives this dress to Inaya next morning; she decides to wear the dress and work at her place.

Lovely Inaya walks into the shed and runs towards Galvan. She has always loved horses; this was her first time connecting with a horse because her parents were too poor to afford one. As she places the food bucket near Galvan, Galvan manages to look at her. Instantly, he falls in love with her because he realizes that his wings were perfect for her skin. Inaya touches Galvan gently as she talks to him. Galvan hopes that the 60th day would come soon so that he may choose to become a man or stay a Stomper. You see Galvan is a hybrid creature that is like half horse and half jinn. But, this is not it! Galvan was the child of a Seer Stomper. This meant that Galvan’s free will was capable of determining his form. Whether he will stay a Stomper or transform into a different creature truly depends on his informed choice.

(Arzoo sighs and thinks): I feel sleepy now. I must go and eat my food now. Then, I am going to fall asleep. Imagining creative stuff really helps! Read the other story, “Asad and Anya” (part 1, part 2), which I have imagined to make myself fall asleep.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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