How ENFPs Like Me Survive Adulthood

Everybody goes through a phase called “Emerging Adulthood” where they are learning how to be adults and exploring a lot to figure out what exactly they want to do as adults. I have been going through this as well although I am finding my emerging adulthood to be very complicated, thorough, and incomplete. The reason it feels like this is because I demand details, some of which I store for writing purposes; and, at the same time, I leave many open endings on purpose.

For example, when I research things for fun, I don’t research fully; instead, I research a lot of stuff and leave more open questions to explore later. This method of learning allows me to become an “idea bomb“, which are known to thrive well because they form the basis of knowledge that individuals and good companies may possess. Another noteworthy instance is when I decided to explore the self instead of focusing on connecting with people. To improve my writing and poetry, I imagined parallel playing with one of my heroes who is a distinguished American poet and writer; since I liked my hero and hero’s work a lot, I took this gaming one step ahead by indulging in creative Lucid Dreams. For some years, I shut myself away from other people but kept just a few close friends—I am a very genuine person. I didn’t even bothered to focus well on finding a significant other simply because I was too taken by my lucid dreaming—documenting these dreams isn’t an easy task. Read “Imaginary Parallel Play With Your Heroes“.

In conclusion, this is how my mind never grows old. Observing and experiencing different layers of ENFP personality enfold has proven to be a mighty challenge—its like going totally blank every now and then and feeling like a child. Read “Experiencing Layers Of My ENFP Personality Through Dreams“.

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