God Controls All Of Your Body Movements

Today, I was sitting at my study table and reviewing some work for One World Flim Festival  when something funny happened. You see! for some days now, I have been thinking about an Islamic teaching that God controls the movements of humans. Today while I was exhausted and about to fall asleep on my chair when something funny happened that made me think back to this particular teaching.

I thought I lost my pen because it was not on my table. I found a pencil and started taking my notes. Then, I realized that I do not wish to write by using a pencil. My desk was cluttered and my pencil case was somewhere under my books—I haven’t cleaned up because I have been super busy. I could not reach my pencil case so I just decided to open all the drawers to look for a pen. I opened the first drawer and searched in vain; then I opened the second one; pretty soon afterwards, I opened the third drawer. I got frustrated when I couldn’t find a pen in there either. I tried closing the last drawer but a newspaper got stuck under it—my study table is near my library. I finally got very pushed to bend and remove the stuck newspaper. As I was bending, I found the lost pen. It was just near my feet.

This is when I woke up from my zoned out state. I clearly saw now that God was listening to me and reacting to my needs. I got so spooked because the answer to my question was staring right at my face! Its the same funny experience as described in the blog post “Something Watches Over Me“.

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