Lucid Dream About My Uncle’s Death

A dear uncle of mine has been seriously ill for quite some while. He died yesterday around 1:00 pm. I had been holding onto his thoughts from far away and praying for his safety as well. For a couple of days, I communicated with my family through an online messaging service as they sent us updates about what was going on. When I first received the sad news that my uncle was not well, I was too shocked to react. So I slept peacefully while thinking about this uncle and his older brotherhis older brother also passed away many years ago. I have seen my older uncle in dreams a couple of times. Read “Dreams of My Uncle Have Brought Me Great Fortune“.

Thus, before this uncle’s death, I had another dream. I saw my older uncle standing somewhere; and, all of a sudden, some sort of energy enveloped him. As the energy circled him, I was still able to see him. Then the scene shifted. I was now looking at my second uncle. He had taken the devices that were used to resuscitate him off his chest; and, now he was sitting calmly on bed. He somehow seemed way younger than before. The scene shifted again; and, I finally woke up. I communicated with my family again. They said that he was actually awake and aware before the medical procedure and that  he just wanted things to take their course.

First of all, during the dream, I couldn’t tell whether this uncle was going to die as well or not. But, I did receive some sort of signal because I saw my older dead uncle and I also saw this one in a much younger form than he actually is. The appearance of dead uncle was a signal that it was time for my younger uncle to depart; and, my younger uncle’s younger image indicated that his younger soul was now more visible than his older body. I was able to interpret this dream only after I received the news that my uncle had passed away.

This news was very heartbreaking for all of us. We prayed and criedI am still in a bit of daze and shock as I write this. I believe I am going to miss his loving way of addressing me and funny way of making us all laugh. Please say a sincere prayer for my uncle’s sweet soul.

Inna Lillah wa inna ilayhi raji’oon
We belong to Allah (God) and to Him shall we return

Oh! I was very close to both of them. They took care of me; and, I took care of them. I used to massage their scalps, shoulders, and feet. Only with my older uncle, I used to spend more time like cut his nails; put oil in his hair; and, clean his feet. They both had stressful lives so they used to get so fresh after sitting near me for a bit. No wonder they used to lighten up more when they would see me and made sure to treat me with great company, food, and gifts. I see how I am still so connected to both of them; and, why I miss them a lot.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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