Traits of Heroes and Telepathic/Indigo Children That I Exhibit

Telepathic/Indigo Children are heroes but slightly different than the rest of the heroes. Here are some traits that I have seen in myself that remind me that I am a little different than traditional heroes but still a hero.

Just like a hero, I exhibit Passion, Leadership, Courage, Drive, Integrity, Sensitivity, Honesty, Resilience, Confidence, Ability to Motivate Others, Patience, Humor, Selflessness, Positivity, Care, Determination, and Humility. You should familiarize yourself with traits of heroes because its easy to think of a hero as an average joe.

As a Telepath and Lucid Dreamer, I have a tendency to wander and feel lost since doing so helps me learn better; have a high expectation of others since this is required to build trust for telepathic communication; have shifting priorities owing to the need to learn many things as soon as possible; and, I can easily get frustrated with societies and authorities that follow existing norms because I exhibit out-of-box mental phenomena. Read “Are You An Indigo Child? These 17 Signs Will Reveal The Truth“.

If you read the above properly, you can nail me as both “not a hero” and a “hero”. But the trick here is that a hero can be read as both and not many people are aware of this reality. I know that all heroes have a desire to appear just like average joes! That is why a real hero gives you a feel like you can walk over him/her. And, there are more methodical and deeper heroes that let you walk over him/her so that they may learn to react better over time. Another moment of weakness is when a hero analyzes a dilemma just before making a decision—its easy to laugh at them or feel confused about them during such tough times. This is why I feel that one should familiarize oneself with the traits of heroes and telepathic/indigo children because you don’t really want to be mistaken when you see them in real life.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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