How My Detective Self Sometimes Work

Well! I am just like a real detective simply because I can spy while I am awake or asleep. Sometimes, some stuff just gets stuck in my mind and it nudges at me differently than the rest. For instance, I have watched only some videos of Indian actress of Sushmita Sen; but, after watching a particular dance video, I realized pretty soon that I was looking at a dilemma of some sort. I felt that the actress had a much stronger gravity than what the video was trying to depict. I also felt that she had danced with very rich people before. So I researched her and found an article about her on the official website of Miss Universe. According to this article, Sushmita Sen was elected the 43rd Miss Universe in  1994; she has also acted as an entrepreneur; and, she has received the “Peacemakers of the World, Osaka, Japan” award. Notice how quickly I catch data that interests me! This is how I have met so many heroes during my sleep. I guess this ability makes me a hero as well!

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