As an ENFP, I have experienced many dilemmas throughout my life and at different levels. These dilemmas are built inside me due to the nature of my mind and personality.  One fundamental dilemma that I struggle with on daily basis is as follows:

As an ENFP, I believe in social justice. I use poetry to enter this struggle. During my spare time, my creative mind requires a daily dose of music, lyrics, and dance. Thus, I watch interesting music videos and engage in dancing. However, listening to audios and dancing can be both pretty stressful. It can temporarily break the relaxed mental state that is needed to enter lucid dreams. Since I cannot exist without aforementioned forms of arts, I sometimes allow for an epic phenomenon like lucid dreams to not take place. Then I have to give up on this fun stuff and adopt the mental and physical states required to dream properly. I can feel genuinely novel pain while I perform these activities, since I cannot perceive myself as a complete human being without any of these conflicting states. This helps me become better in the future since changes only cause the elements of any given system to eventually attain congruence.

Thus you can see that the ability to notice and realize a dilemma is one of the most basic ability of the ENFP personalities. Dilemmas play a critical role in achieving social justice. For instance, whistleblower Edward Snowden faced an ethical dilemma when he chose to leak some information from the American government to the journalists. The dilemma was simple: He vowed to protect the information presented after he was hired; and, he vowed to protect the rights of the citizens especially the vulnerable. So now he is being hunted because he quickly saw this dilemma and chose a course of action. This is exactly why ENFPs are considered leaders who can create personal and social change.

One of my siblings correctly labels me as a “hurricane” or “storm”. The daily chaos and peace felt within is really at that level. Interestingly a hurricane/storm has an eye; and, I have a third eye that opens during lucid encounters. LOL!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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