Discussing Personal Issues While Eating Shows Real Concern

I have been requested a couple of times by certain relatives that I should not discuss some of my personal issues inside their house and that I must abstain from complaining about things that bother me while eating.

I feel this neglect of women is very common now; and, everyone is engaging in this including those Muslims who appear very pious and generous.

This is why I have always discussed most of my critical issues with certain women while hiding from the rest. We discuss these things while having tea and eating snacks⁠—its hard to catch what we are really doing this way.

I feel that nowadays only some people can show genuine concern in a safe mannerthe current systems of education and governance are partially to blame for this. Members of one’s household cannot really be in the same position as someone one once networked with and who promised one something but never gave it to him/her.

Every time, I think I am going to have a great tea party with a lady, I end up listening to some gruesome truth. This is how I get laden with issues; and, there are times when there are more issues than solutions. What I have hated gravely about the Muslims I have known as well as the Canadian society is the fact that every day there are more and more abused women. What’s even more disgusting is that even some men who are from the world of Interfaith Dialogue do not know much about the realities women especially Canadian Muslim women are facingI try not to laugh when I meet one of such men because their version of reality is so brainwashed that almost anyone can crack out. I believe they are like this because they are treated better owing to their male gender. But, I know that the abused women or survivors of abuse can’t think that perfectly, which is more real inside my mind.

Overall, all this is a never-ending tale.

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