Canada Is One Of The Worst Countries For Women

Canada is one of the worst countries for women—I am referring to both White and non-White women. Before I start talking about why I feel that Canada is unsafe for non-White women, I must point out the case of the White Canadian women. My comment is based on conversations that I had with a couple of White Canadian women. They were dismissive and submissive about their ongoing abuse. I feel they were treated worst than animals by their partners or colleagues; and, then they initially chose to keep quiet due to the lack of support by their family and community.

Saying this, I must now point to the fact that the condition of the non-White women is waaaayyyy worse than that of the White women. For example, White women are more likely to be given a job during a co-op or after a co-op; and, the non-White women are very likely to struggle for months or even years before they are offered a real job. Abuse that takes place against the non-White women gets easily hushed because 1) some of these women are new to Canada and thus are not aware of how things work in Canada; 2) some of these women are young; 3) some of these women have very challenging circumstances so complaining against abuse means allowing their children or siblings to be further injured; 4) some of these women have hidden or visible disabilities; 5) abuse usually takes place in a gang setting where women are brainwashed by more than one individual; 6) some of the victims do not trust anyone because their abusers used to make them trust them; and, 7) some of the victims do not want to use the Canadian system to escape because they have read on credible media outlets how abuse is taking place in religious and academic places as well as workplaces.

According to Reuters’ article “Factbox: Which are the world’s 10 most dangerous countries for women?“, America is one of the most dangerous countries for women. When I read this article, I felt very shocked and dismayed because Canada was not on this list. Why is Canada not on the list when I have been observing women being harshly mistreated for several years? There are workplaces here where they are repeatedly harassing women; stressing them beyond their limit; and, then expecting them to continue “friendly” relationships or keep managing work despite all the offered insensitivity.

I was lucky because I got some of my answers after I researched the web! Maclean’s article “Canada’s race problem? It’s even worse than America’s” clearly identified that Canada’s racism problem is more severe than that of America. CBC also published an article titled “UN human rights committee slams Canada’s record on women“, which points out how UN provided Canada criticism and recommendations in several areas including Gender Equality and Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women. A recent genocide of indigenous women and girls has taken place on Canada’s soil; read “‘Genocide’ Has Been Committed Against Indigenous Women And Girls, Canadian Panel Says“. Not to forget that Canada also allows for (legal) child marriages; read article “Child marriage in Canada means country’s efforts to end it abroad are ‘insincere’: researcher“.

So how come Canada’s name does not show up in the list provided by the Thomson Reuters Foundation. See Reuters’ article “Factbox: Which are the world’s 10 most dangerous countries for women?“.

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