Flood Warning: Residential Areas of Canada Or Elsewhere In The World

Since I am a lucid dreamer, I get warnings about bad weather rather often. Read blog post “Rains, Storms, and My Brain“.

Today, I had an interesting dream in the morning. I was standing near a window and I was using my hands to break through the window. I cut the glass with my hands; and, the second layer appeared. I used my hands to cut this layer again; and, the third layer appeared. Thus, I courageously cut some layers and finally created a hole in the window. I was able to look outside from this hole. This window was a lucid dream portal, which is used to travel through time and get to any location you desire.

I was somewhere in a rather large house; and, I was staring at the front of the house. The streets were flooding and the water was now flooding the front yard. It had rained all day on the previous day; and, the atmosphere was dreary, chilly, and somewhat fresh. The car that was parked in the front yard had crashed against the garage door due to the heavy wind and overflowing water. The water seemed very impatient in nature; and, it seemed very willing to enter the house. I heard the residents yelling warnings in dismay as they found out what had happened to the car. One of the guys calmed the woman who was crying about the wrecked car that he will manage this in the future.

I thought during the dream where exactly I was but I did not receive any answer. I just recall that it looked like any other house we see in Canada or somewhere else; and, it seemed a bit expensive and had an average looking front yard. I vaguely recall that the characters seemed like my siblings; although there was a queer feel that they weren’t my siblings.That is all I recall! There was no voice like the one that implored me to read “Emma’s War: A True Story” when I imagined boxing a particular speaker. This is how I know that information about where exactly this flood is going to hit is being hidden by supernatural forces like angels or God. Read blog post “God is Al-Hafiz (The Preserver)“.

I felt like breaking away; thus, I did not want to fly through this window today.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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