Narcissism and “Islamic Morality”

Recently, I was reviewing Dr. Craig Considine’s Twitter profile when I left some comments about why I think Islamic Morality is not properly taught by the  Muslims. You can view the original tweet here; and, the tweet to which I replied here.

Here are my replies:

  1. People are not looking for morals anymore. Don’t you see! A narcissist can also play moral in order to trap & destroy victims. Thus, morals are not granted to people by others or expected of others. Instead people are learning how to escape psychopaths, narcissists, and sociopaths.
  2. Forgiving requires communication with narcissist, which can destroy the mind further. Then another narcissist can easily sit in the victim’s lap.
  3. If you are Muslim, then your mind would eventually say hurt the narcissist. Then it would say apply the rules of the country. But this way the narcissist is going to get away because law is subservient to criminals. (added later on WordPress only: A lot of well-known politicians as well as political regulations are narcissistic in nature.)
  4. Only way to defeat a narcissist is to draw a boundary, which can be misconstrued as “harsh”, “childish”, or “unnecessary”. Drawing a boundary can be seen as immoral b/c narcissists select those victims they have drawn closer to or b/c they are reacting to their previous wounds.
  5. It is a fact that one has to play bad (cruel) in order to escape abusers. So why are you teaching me all these morals of Prophet? I mean applying these would mean that I will become forgiving again and someone will hurt me again.
  6. Narcissists create codependents who tend to be forgiving. If we added “Islamic Morals” to current situations, then victims will get in more trouble. Victim is “supply” b/c narcissist need his/her energy to thrive. People are destroying the idea of “forgiveness” from their minds.
  7. I meant the fact that people can be changed into supply is the reason why people are destroying concept of forgiveness.
  8. Psychopaths & Narcissists are hiding in great fields. Narcissists choose Medicine, Management, or Politics. They can get away with hiding lots of scandals by pointing fingers at others. Some Doctors do this too! Those in authority are abusive; so what are the rest going to learn?
  9. Narcissists create tough situations: “A manager hits her kids in front of her team. Team stays quiet b/c they need money to survive; and, economy is already broken. Would they take money or stop the Manager?” This is why people run away in groups from some Canadian workplaces.
  10. It’s not just “Islamic Morality” that cannot be applied. Normal behaviour or certain aspects of any law cannot be applied to narcissists because they are opportunistic and manipulative.
  11. We need a new system if we wish to survive. But to do this we will have to stay away from psychopaths and narcissists. This has to be done to prevent self-destruction. Really tough!
  12. We can play “Islamic Morality” partially nowadays. We need to not forgive in order to teach. We need to forgive in order to not let the victim do self harm.
  13. People cannot follow rituals because following rituals can cause brainwashing. Research online and you will find that I am telling the truth. That is what prayers and rituals are without “Islamic Morality”.
  14. I must comment that I did apply rules of “Islamic Morality” thoroughly once in my life. I was younger then so I could take some hits from a younger bully without feeling too angry. One day I prayed for him. He changed completely after this prayer. He has NEVER harmed me again.
  15. Other times, abusers just apologize for abusing me because they know that I don’t belong in this kind of circle. But, I make sure to move away from abusers. They pick more on me because I am an Empath. This is why I have to use a functional group to escape. Prophet did this too!

Saying all this, I must comment that I am still learning about “Islamic Morality”. However, the fact that Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) devised a system to manage cruel people shows that doing so is part of the “Islamic Morality”.  So I answered partially because it is a lengthy discussion; you cannot apply the rules of “Islamic Morality” to narcissists or psychopaths without the help of a functional and smart group; and, whatever most of the people learn from masjid counts as basic “Islamic Morality”, which does not quite take you where you want to go with these people.

Think of this example as you look into what I am saying to you:

According to article, “Half of Canada’s prisoners were abused as children, McMaster study suggests” half of Canada’s prisoners are victims of child abuse including sexual abuse. Canada should have placed them only in rehabilitation instead of prisons. But, the jailing system nowadays is very different than what we have learned in Islam. In Islam, prisoners have so many rights that they do not count as prisoners in the sense that we understand nowadays; and, these rights are there to ensure that they go back to exhibiting normal behaviour. My sister once told me that we cannot apply Islamic teachings nowadays because we do not have the rest of the system. This is true because something as simple as forgiving a criminal must be done when trustworthy alliance is still available. These reliable friends or companions used to make sure through their actions and attitude that this criminal does not misbehave again. I have read in the article, “Teaching philosophy to prisoners can help transform ‘macho’ prison culture” that teaching philosophy proves very beneficial to prisoners. Thus it is obvious to me that when Prophet used to forgive someone, his companions or alliances used to offer the system necessary to help the criminal become his/her usual self. Otherwise this forgiveness thing does not work!

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