Another Rough Day At A Marriage Networking Site

So I registered for another Marriage Networking Site; and, like I discussed in my previous post, I added Christians, Jews, and Muslims as possible matches. It is a great site so after only some days of registration, I received around 400 requests to connect.

I have never found connecting over the net easy. It gives me a headache because I cannot experience the other person’s manners and warmth at all—even if I am not interested in a person, it is easier for me to talk to them given that they are present in person. Just looking at words or pictures actually feel like hits are being delivered by my mind. But, that’s not the only reason why I get a headache. I sometimes have to weed out a lot of older men from the list, which is very tiring. Other times, I have to stay away from LOTS of men because I do not find them attractive.

So how many contacts did I reach out to from this “request her contact” list of around 400 men? Well! I messaged only ONE person who is not from this list. So technically, I reached out to ZERO men from that list. Funny experience! I cannot share a screenshot from the site because of copyright issues.

What made my day even more rough was how a guy sent me the following message in the his very first email

Hi. You are so beautiful!

I got very annoyed after I read this. Who introduces himself to women like this?

Anyways, things are like this in real life as well. I don’t just connect with men. No! its not because I am shy but because I am intelligent. Its a fact that smart people usually have fewer friends.

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