This has just happened to me recently. I was trying to get a part-time job as a server in a restaurant because I was planning to volunteer to learn Event Planning—I found about this opportunity some weeks before the restaurant actually opened. I had another part-time position in Events so I was not worried about acquiring another relevant job. Anyways, I signed a contract with the restaurant; but, I was asked to leave after 3 hours of training. I believe this is due to issues at their end—I mean they have not even seen me work yet. I felt a bit angry after this; but, I decided to manage this situation slowly. 

Thus, some days passed worrying about and implementing my next steps. And, then I was stunned by a surprise! Someone else from the Events industry connected with me and offered me another part-time position. I had no idea that God had this all planned. Look! all  my carefully planned moves were nullified because God wanted this for me. I had not talked in detail with this other Events team that I was still looking for another position. If my training for the server position had gone as planned; I wouldn’t have been able to accept this other position that was just discussed by a team member yesterday.


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