Playing With My Siblings And Their Kids In My Lucid Dream

I had an interesting lucid dream today. I was in a small bus that was pretty high, the kind you see in real cartoons. One of my younger brothers was driving this mini-bus. Two young toddlers—both girls—were bothering him as he drove. There was an older womanmost likely my younger sistersiting at the back. She also had a child with her with whom she was playing.  Perhaps, there was another older person there as well. One of the toddlers who was bugging my brother ended up going near the door and attempted to open it. I was sitting near the toddlers so I caught her and locked the door before it swung open. I sat with my legs open and drawn together in a semi-circle so that one of the toddlers sat securely in my lap; and, I easily held the other’s hand and talked to her. The bus was a bit dark from inside and we all felt a bit restless. The only light that shone inside the bus was coming through the windows. I glanced at the window and saw street signs, some part of the street, a bus station, and, some people who were waiting at the bus station. My brother turned the bus and I felt that it went too close to the bus station; but, it swerved away in time.

Pretty soon, my brother parked the mini-bus in a special parking zone. It was a square space which was decorated with flowers and greenery. The mini-bus stood in an awkward manner almost like it has crashed in there and now a part of it was slightly up. We all came out of the bus and started running towards a place where there was some sort of festivity going on. My sister and one of the toddlers sat on a chariot that was being driven with pink machines of some sort. The toddler sat or walked in a special area that was in the front so it seemed like the toddler was driving the whole contraption. My sister sat at the back; and, it was probably her who was driving this chariot-like machinery.

My other sibling or friend was playing games with another toddler. The toddler held her long scarf and tried to run away as she held the other end of the scarf. My brother and I were running together while holding a long scarf that connected us. We were both laughing at how free we felt when running together.

The dream had this very odd surreal and relaxed energy, which I have learned to associate with my family members. Notice that having fun with loved ones could be something small but it feels too big and too lovely to be true!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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