Some Colored Women Are Told A Lie That Appearing “Reasonable” or “Great” Should Get Them Jobs In Canada

I find Canada to be a dangerous place for colored people especially colored women. It is a very misogynist country where you will meet lots of men who talk to women like they are drug or drunk.

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I have been told a couple of times by colored men that I look reasonable and great; then they specified that they think that I should have no trouble landing a job simply due to my looks. Once, I was told by a Black Canadian that I am so beautiful that people will be more willing to buy from meI was like is this “Sales” or “Sex Trafficking”? Another time, a young White male told me my blouse and perfume felt amazing; at the same time, this guy was picking fights with a coloured male I happen to knew. I felt very distraught after I heard them talk like this simply because I feel that they were making a wrong assumptionI am sure that some other colored women also have to hear and perhaps believe this lie. Quite frankly, I have seen lots of resistance from both Muslim and White communities as I hunt for appropriate jobs. Whether I get a job or not does not really depend on my skills, experience, qualifications, recognitions, or connections. It all depends on who is hiring and what are his/her views about colored women. And, no one is willing to officially recognize the gap that is created in my resume and life due to all of this. When I bring this up with Human Resources experts they either become very quiet and empathetic or they attempt to change the topic of discussion. Its disgusting to witness the later!

Just recently, a Norwegian writer Kent Jensen attempted to discourage me from speaking out online.  I am glad that I immediately wrote about his commentary and posted print screens of the conversation online. I am also glad that I faced hardships in Canada because now I have sufficient arsenal to discuss what really is going on in this country. One example of such misuse is when some White people approach me to get help on something or just to make friends and later tell me harsh misogynist or racist things. I have learned to block such people from my life; however, this entire “investigate and then block” process is very disturbing in nature. Such people can destroy your brain, mind, attitude, personality, character, values, beliefs, and lifethey can double you if you don’t watch out. I have learned how to stay away from them because I have struggled hard to learn about the “real me” and a large category of abnormal people including Misogynists, Rapists, and Narcissists.

It helps to learn that a very large number of skilled and rich immigrants including colored women are leaving Canada after they have spent so much money just to come here and properly attempting to settle here.

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Then, there is this interesting fact that the entire Canadian labour market is color-coded. This just tells me that most White people who are earning high income and are considered influential are not really smart and are just using their privilege to learn!

Articles About Canada’s Color-Coded Labour Market

Furthermore, some Canadian workplaces are filled with sexual predators some of who acquire mentorship positions just so that they may trap and molest women. Most women I have come across in Canada including myself are either struggling to get a decent job or are left battling men even during seminars and workshops that they themselves designed and executed. The women are not usually in power so they cannot do much if they are raped. I know that the article “Only 1 in 3 Canadians Know What Sexual Consent Means” is telling the truth because most of the men including younger men I have come across do not even know how to talk properly to women; so how are they going to work on the complex process of obtaining sexual consent? The cherry on the cake for those who want the colored women to suffer is the fact that the Canadian Justice system is not willing to look into the complaints of the colored women as they would have done so for the White women. Watch movie “Because We Are Girls” and compare this to the aftermath of Rehtaeh Parson’s gang rape. You will see that the Brown Canadian women from “Because We Are Girls” are left feeling lost but Rehteah’s rape has received so much attention that Canadian laws have been modified. So how do comments about how my looks will get me a decent job sound now given that you can see the whole picture? I only see that these comments were issued because these colored people have learned to properly read into the Canadian culture.

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What adds to this problem is the fact that some companies like Randstad are offering misleading articles to the public. Read article “11 reasons canada’s an awesome place for new immigrants“.

What I find extremely sickening about CanadaI hope I don’t puke all night today—is how some White people keep telling me that Canada is a very inclusive country when all the facts point in the other direction. Sounds very dirty and extremely fishy!

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