Please Support VA Senate District 28 Dem Nominee “Qasim Rashid”

A while ago, I had a lucid dream where I found myself standing next to brother Qasim Rashid while he was working in his office—sometimes, I only have to read some text or watch a video in order to activate my lucid self. The events of this dream indicated that he was working on an issue related to abuse of some sort. Some days later, I read on his Twitter profile that he has decided to run for the VA Senate District 28. I am thinking this dream is a good indication, which is why I am choosing to write this blog post.

Qasim Rashid holds a Law degree from University of Richmond School of Law. Some of his experiences include but are not limited to combating sexual and domestic violence against women; advocating for children’s education; protecting the marginalized communities by collaborating with international and national non-profit organizations; and providing emotional and spiritual support to prisoners as a Prison Chaplain.

Visit Qasim’s official site to learn about issues that he wish to work on; also, visit Qasim Rashid’s Twitter profile to learn more about him and his work.

Donate for his campaign.

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