Please Support VA Senate District 28 Dem Nominee “Qasim Rashid”

A while ago, I had a lucid dream where I found myself standing next to brother Qasim Rashid while he was working in his office—sometimes, I only have to read some text or watch a video in order to activate my lucid self. The events of this dream indicated that he was working on an issue related to abuse of some sort.

The exact content of this dream is as follows:

Qasim was standing in an office; several members of his campaign were sitting there and listening to his speech. He had a plan that he was conveying to them. The scene shifted. Qasim was now in another office where he was checking things on his computer. A woman from his campaign followed him. By the time she arrived near his office, someone from an adjacent office threw out some of his stuff in anger. The woman got scared and Qasim had to hide her in his room. She complained that she was feeling frightened and frustrated about what was going on in the next room. Qasim patiently listened to her and decided to do something about this.

Some days after I had this dream, I read on his Twitter profile that he has decided to run for the VA Senate District 28. I am thinking this dream is a good indication, which is why I am choosing to write this blog post.

Qasim Rashid holds a Law degree from University of Richmond School of Law. Some of his experiences include but are not limited to combating sexual and domestic violence against women; advocating for children’s education; protecting the marginalized communities by collaborating with international and national non-profit organizations; and providing emotional and spiritual support to prisoners as a Prison Chaplain.

Visit Qasim’s official site to learn about issues that he wish to work on; also, visit Qasim Rashid’s Twitter profile to learn more about him and his work.

Donate for his campaign.

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