In one of my recent dreams, I was at a party where there were lots of women and children. One baby had somehow managed to get away from her mother. She was now crawling in the middle of two beds—perhaps those were tables⁠—and looking beneath them⁠ for something. I had been watching over her for a bit; obviously, I found her in time. I held her by her legs to prevent her from crawling under the furniture. Then, I picked her up. The dream scene shifted. I was now standing next to some women who were sitting on sofas. Maybe, one of them was baby’s mother. I asked her to give me some fruit for the baby. I held out my hand as I stood near the sofa. The woman who was sitting at the furthest end of the sofa gave some fruit to the woman who was sitting next to her; she passed it to another woman who gave it to another woman; thus, I eventually received this fruit. Now, I wanted to go see the baby again. So the scene shifted again. I was holding the baby girl in my arms again. I was rocking her gently because she was already asleep. I placed her in her crib; and, I could see how my hand held her small head. I lovingly touched her blonde hair with my slim fingers after placing her in her crib.

I checked Dream Moods Dream Dictionary to find an interpretation. The interpretation that is making some sense is that babies mean innocence since the dreamer is seeing her own inner purer self. Also the site suggests that holding a baby means holding onto to a part of life where one felt more needed. According to Auntyflo, dreaming of baby girl means that I need to let go of something that is making me feel vulnerable in order to let things turn in a different direction.

Interesting! I agree with these explanations more simply because what is happening in my real life is being answered through these interpretations.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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